4th August 2017

Speech Stuff

We were born with instincts for survival. We have been made to do whatever we can to thrive throughout history. So it’s only natural that we make use of all resources available. And nothing actually bad is happening to us or the planet we live on. There’s a whole lot of hot air about this climate change thing, but evidence suggests that there isn’t really anything to it. A study led by Duke University concluded that warming has happened slower than projected and that small increases reported in the last 10 years could be accounted for by natural variability in surface temperatures. So despite the cries of smoke, the Earth isn’t setting on fire anytime soon. Even if it was, the dominant population controls the area they live in, and have done for centuries, using the resources to their advantage. So why should it change now? Changing century old traditions has been shown to not work out, such as when traditional, warfare methods with spears and swords were replaced with more advanced technology like guns, and the rate of violence increased exponentially.

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